So what makes Glow in the Park the ultimate party fun run?! Could it be the pre & post-run DJ dance party? Or perhaps the Glow Goodie bag? Those things are awesome, but when it comes to what makes you literally glow in the park, we’ve gotta give the credit to our amazing Glow Stations!

UV Glow Water 

At the Glow Water Station, our volunteers will blast a shower of glowing water as you run through the blacklights!

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Foam Station

At the Foam Station, there are industrial sized fans and pumps that shoot foam from cannons, as well as rain it from above. Make sure you beat the rest of the pack to this station, because when it’s fresh, the foam can mound up to 10 feet high!

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Glow Powder Station

Glow powder is made from corn starch and thrown and/or shot out at glow participants, giving the classic colored-up look. Make sure you check yourself out under a blacklight before washing these clothes!

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Dance Party

DJ Sammy Citrus rolls out his hi-grade speakers and amps, along with a dozen laser lights to throw a post-run blacklight dance party!

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